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On Liberty, sans jab

If ‘vaccination is our route to liberty,’ as Tony Blair recently said (what is it with former prime ministers insisting on spruiking wisdom 24-7?) there are many of us who might consider changing our idea of what constitutes liberty. But firstly, let’s be clear. To say that the vaccine is our route to liberty is […]

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A Twist in the Tale

Here are two recent examples of the narrative being twisted to suit the feminist agenda, one in the sphere of domestic politics and one in international sport. The toxic, so-called bullying environment in Australian Parliament—which is no doubt bad for all members—is being hyped as a key reason why women don’t go it to politics. […]

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Malachi’s Shoes – a retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker by the Brothers Grimm

Malachi was the toast of the town. He had opened his shoe store almost a decade ago in Town Square and it was now legendary. All the prominent folk of Sutchbury bought their shoes at his store because they were beautiful and comfortable. But it was more than that. People came to be near Malachi, […]

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