Do not take part in the lie

As Russian dissident and The Gulag Archipelago author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn famously said:

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

And I contend that much of what passes for truth today is, at its core, a lie. It’s a one-size-fits-all narrative delivered by the mainstream media and governments, to which it seems we must all subscribe.

This has become most obvious, of course, in all things Covid. And sadly, almost everyone has gotten on board with the circus. Such as lockdowns, even though no country had ever contemplated such a draconian course of action, not even for highly deadly viruses such as Ebola. And mask wearing: they believed the scientists they were told to believe and paid no heed to those who were sidelined and disparaged by interested parties. Then there’s the big one: the vaccine. It has significantly underperformed and most of us, particularly young people, did not need to take the risk of this new and largely untested type of vaccine.

However, even supposedly intelligent people swallowed the lies; went along with the herd. Some say that society was strangely split into a ‘left versus right’ type political paradigm, whereby:

 The Left were “completely accepting of the official line … supporting masks, lockdowns, social distancing and injections…and that this was not just an opinion, but an article of faith which had overnight somehow become ideologically essential. If you questioned government, opposed Big Pharma, exposed the links between the two or stood up for individual freedom, you were suddenly considered right-wing!”

–  proud ‘leftie’ and radical anarchist Paul Cudenec[i].

So it seems that people perhaps choose to go along with lies to remain in their political fold.

Take famous atheist Richard Dawkins. Usually a mega-sceptic (when it comes to religion anyway), he refused to acknowledge any doubt that the “experts” could be wrong about Covid; that the latest paper published by international medical journal The Lancet could be at all wrong, even though it was funded by conflict-of-interest parties the WHO and Bill Gates, and even though the study simply abandoned the metric on calculating ‘life-years lost’ (by using mathematical models that assume the same level of mortality susceptibility across all populations, whereas we all know that it was primarily the elderly who were badly affected)[ii] – and that a very large percentage of the world had already contracted Covid by the time the vaccine came out and thus had some good immunity.  Where Dawkins normally belittles those with religious beliefs as being ignorant or stupid, he did a complete one-eighty and instead mocked those of us without blind faith in the “let’s vaccinate the whole planet, even though most of us don’t need it and it’s a new type of vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested” religion:

But but but, it’s not just Covid that has shown us how much of society’s narrative is suspect. It has been building for years in relation to a raft of big issues, with notable examples being climate change and transgender activism. Similar to the Covid narrative, the so-called climate change storyline is riddled with lies. And it’s going to cost us as a species, big time. In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s emissions reduction plan for farmers will decimate their incomes, putting hundreds out of business and many citizens on the breadline. And it’s a similar story in the Netherlands, where farmers are protesting about the government’s mandate to cut back on nitrogen fertilizer, which may result in farmers having to sell their farms to the state, to meet climate goals.

Meanwhile here in Australia, the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has no trouble convincing both the media and the green-friendly population that climate change is causing the flooding in NSW. This absolute nonsense is eminently researchable but, though it sounds counterintuitive, the internet has in fact led to more lies than truth:

The digital age has amplified kneejerk and emotive reactions, encouraged misinformation, accelerated political and media response times, and led to irrational decision-making as politicians bow to the mood of the people

– Chris Kenny, The Australian.

As for transgender activism, things have gotten so extreme, that if you don’t go along with the lie, you may be fined and even sent to jail. People are being punished for telling the truth. Famously, when Jordan Peterson entered the global limelight, it was because he refused to be legally forced to refer to students by their chosen gender pronouns. He eventually resigned from his tenureship at the University of Toronto because he was considered an “academic persona non grata.” More recently, a Wisconsin middle schooler was charged with committing ‘sexual harassment’ by his middle school after he didn’t use the “preferred pronouns” of one of his classmates. There are myriad other examples of the world’s intolerance to accept those who will not accept the lies of the trans movement.

In many cases, we no longer even get the full truth, but rather, a simplified, easy to sell version of reality. Even seemingly ‘small issues’ are affected. I’ve gathered some examples:

– that all alcohol is bad for you. The Cancer Council of Victoria: “with every drink the risk of cancer increases” (it is simpler than telling people the truth: a bit in moderation is okay!)

– that sunscreen is essential for even a small amount of time in the sun (my child’s teacher was slathering the stuff on her every lunch time until I told her to stop)

– that dogs cannot eat any amount of chocolate (sure, chocolate is not good for dogs, but people now honestly believe that if their pooch inadvertently swallows one m&m they should rush him to the vet for a stomach pumping).

We can no longer trust what we’re being told, because we’re being treated like children. Another prime example is that we are not told the truth when people kill themselves by suicide. It is to prevent copycat suicides, I think? Or is it to make sure we’re not glorifying suicide? I can no longer remember. It’s as though society wants to control our thoughts and our memories, ala Orwell’s 1984; wants us to forget all about suicide, perhaps. Whatever the reason, the truth is watered down, if not altogether lost, in relation to this tragic human event. And the media has no right to do this, even if it is supposedly for the greater good of society.

Many of these untruths that we are being forced to swallow are becoming embedded into society’s rule book. We run afoul of social acceptability, if not the law, when we fail to follow along. I used to be a rule follower, mainly because I thought the rules were good and I believed that there was still plenty of scope to do my own thing within the framework. Since Covid, though, my mindset has changed completely. It has come as a big shock to learn that I am not as free as I thought I was to carve out my own future. I am much more sceptical and will no longer comply with what I think is wrong, such as restrictions on my liberty, which I fear may return under the guise of further viral strains or climate change.

The decision to become a rebel has been easy. For when the once-trusted institutes we know—the ABC, the government, state-run institution such as hospitals and schools—simply parrot the narrative de jour and sway in the breeze, leaning in towards the current woke thing, it’s a no brainer to dismiss their pronouncements as factually dubious. I will no longer go along with the lies. I will gravitate towards like-minded people who share my moral code. For as the great US bishop Fulton Sheen said:

The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.”

– Bishop Fulton Sheen.

So, let us have fire and conviction. Let us continue to call out the lies. For now, it may be that Covid mania, climate lunacy and LGBTQ lies triumph in our society, but we must do as Solzhenitsyn advised: do not take part in the lie.

[i] Cudenec, P, 2022, Interview with Keith McHenry, “I am done with the left-right divide. It’s now the humans versus the deadly robotic corporate state “,

[ii] Koops, R, 2022, “Did Covid Vaccines Save Tens of Millions of Lives?“

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