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Malachi’s Shoes – a retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker by the Brothers Grimm

Malachi was the toast of the town. He had opened his shoe store almost a decade ago in Town Square and it was now legendary. All the prominent folk of Sutchbury bought their shoes at his store because they were beautiful and comfortable. But it was more than that. People came to be near Malachi, […]

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A Serve of Ambrosia

  Helen loved online shopping. It was so much more relaxing than going to the Mall. Buying whatever she wanted was just a click away. Only yesterday she’d bought a beautiful little tuxedo for Maxwell; today, a damask tablecloth for her upcoming dinner party. Hopefully both would arrive tomorrow. She got up from her computer […]

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The People Downstairs

We have lived in harmony with the people downstairs for some time now. Our living quarters are above their kitchen. Most nights, we can smell what they’re cooking for dinner. My favourite is Spaghetti Bolognese. Its oniony, garlicky aromas fill our small room completely. Dear One prefers the roasts. They remind her of times when […]

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