A Twist in the Tale

Here are two recent examples of the narrative being twisted to suit the feminist agenda, one in the sphere of domestic politics and one in international sport.

The toxic, so-called bullying environment in Australian Parliament—which is no doubt bad for all members—is being hyped as a key reason why women don’t go it to politics. And by Julie Bishop, no less, who many would contend is much tougher than some of her male counterparts.

In this politically correct environment, it seems we are no longer allowed to assert that fewer women than men choose to go into such a tough, all-encompassing career as politics because they make different life choices that often includes a sustainable family life.

Serena Williams claiming that she received unfair treatment, vis a vis the penalties handed down to her during her US Open final loss, because she is a woman. Men get away with abusing the referees more, she says. That’s not really true, though. Let’s not forget John McEnroe, thrown out of the Australian Open and fined $6,500 after receiving three warning for misbehavior. Let’s also not forget that Williams has form, the worst of which was surely her threats of violence towards a lineswoman in 2009: “I swear to God I’ll effing take the ball and shove it down your effing throat.”

Williams expresses the desire to be a good role model for other female sports people by ‘being herself’ but surely few would argue that being unable to control one’s temper on the court, resulting in smashed tennis racquets and disrespect and violence towards the officials is the best way to express your individuality in the sport. Maybe stick with the tutu for that, Serena.


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