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The State versus the Individual

“Somehow Australia has gone from ‘protect your health’ to ‘if you don’t let us protect your health we’ll destroy your life’” – Alexandra Marshall, Writer. Approximately 16 million healthy people are currently in lockdown in Australia. 16 million healthy people currently being subjected to mental anguish and loss of livelihood. The lockdown crisis is much […]

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On Liberty, sans jab

If ‘vaccination is our route to liberty,’ as Tony Blair recently said (what is it with former prime ministers insisting on spruiking wisdom 24-7?) there are many of us who might consider changing our idea of what constitutes liberty. But firstly, let’s be clear. To say that the vaccine is our route to liberty is […]

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All sexism is offensive but not all that is offensive is sexism.

You will often hear uttered, from women who don’t subscribe to the whole feminism package but who nevertheless wish to add their voice to the gender equality debate, that well known phrase ‘I’m not a feminist, but…’ You are less likely to hear, however, the phrase ‘I am a feminist, but…’ This is because the […]

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