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We are how we dress

My husband refuses to wear ties to work.  Funerals, occasionally, but never work.  And fair enough.  Why should he conform to the homogeneity of the corporate world?  Sure, he runs his own business and has no one to answer to, but still; he’s taking a stand and I applaud him.  Men without ties look great, […]

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Through the rose-coloured looking glass

Anne Summers, in her new online magazine Anne Summers Reports, is very proud to have conducted Julia Gillard’s last major interview and clearly still very angry over how appallingly our recently ousted Prime Minister was treated by ‘so many in this country’. But before I come to the content of the interview, I will say […]

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All sexism is offensive but not all that is offensive is sexism.

You will often hear uttered, from women who don’t subscribe to the whole feminism package but who nevertheless wish to add their voice to the gender equality debate, that well known phrase ‘I’m not a feminist, but…’ You are less likely to hear, however, the phrase ‘I am a feminist, but…’ This is because the […]

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