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Welcome to the Glasshouse, where even Tim Minchin is afraid.

The bible says ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone’. Starting things off with a bible quote is not very popular, I know. Just ask Disney, who removed any trace of Christianity from their latest film Tolkein, even though the author’s works, most notably Lord of the Rings, were heavily inspired by […]

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No matter how interesting or endearing a story is It will not win the internet. Nor will it break the internet. You. should. not. write. sentences. like. this. It. is. annoying. No more shout outs to your peeps, please. When people die, do not start talking Latin.  ‘Vale’ this and ‘vale’ that.  It. Is. Pretentious. […]

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Online Objections

Here’s a link to my latest ‘Her Canberra’ post. It’s about how we are turning away from TV and to the internet for our daily fix of Schadenfreude!

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